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It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do, has positive impact.

After the two trainings (MAPP Assessment and Clarity 4D) trainees from the organization testified that they were in a position to understand their personalities better and those of their colleagues and even an ability to build stronger team dynamics. Also they did find what to do, love and hope for in terms of being revealed to their fit careers in the assessment they did call MAPP. They also proposed that other members of the organization should also go through similar trainings.


Three workshops have been held for the organization. The first workshop was held for Leaders and after a few weeks of brainstorming the leaders did propose that managers of the organization should also go through similar training. The proposal led to the birth of second training for the managers of the organization and again the managers did propose that team members of their organization should also be trained leading to the birth of the third training for the team. Springboard Capital Ltd staff have since testified that the three trainings had a lot of impact on the organization in terms of organization’s growth and development.